Klassic Boom Poles

K-Tek’s Klassic Boom Poles not only provide the lightest and toughest graphite tubing but is intrinsically modular in their design. Collapsed lengths from 1’4” to extended lengths of 20’11” and with varying cabling options. The K-Tek Klassic BoomPoles are the professionals standard pole of choice.

KS153CCR – K-Tek Klassic Graphite Stage Boom Pole

  • Collapsed Length: 3'6" ( 117cm)
  • Extended Length: 13'0" ( 396cm)
  • Sections: 5

13' (396cm) extended length; 5-section boom; cabled

Don't take our word for it... Our Fans LOVE us!
257Robert Maxfield

The boom pole’s long sections, tight locking collars, and rigid construction allow me to get on target quickly and efficiently.

Robert Maxfield, Mixer @ The Walking Dead

258Robert Maxfield

My K-Tek is the pole I use everyday!

Robert Maxfield, Mixer @ The Walking Dead

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