KMBC1 – Mighty BoomCable

K-Tek created a new kind of XLR BoomCable which seperates itself from a generic XLR cable. It creates the best connection between the Boompole and the audio mixer/recorder.

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Detailed Description

Inspired by a professional Boom Operator the Mighty BoomCable from K-Tek can now find it’s way to every Sound-Professional in the market. The tiresome “off-the-shelf” cables are now obsolete. The “peace of mind” an Audio professional will get while working with the Mighty BoomCable is priceless.
Double soldered wires will give a backup in case one wire should rip. The large gauged wires are one key for a good sound quality of the users final product.

  • Heavy Duty
  • Strong
  • Double soldered
  • 6 large gauge wires
  • Smooth use with BoomBox/Boom Caddie
  • Long Lasting
  • Comes with a peace of mind

Dimensions and Weights

  • Product Length: Over 4 feet long (1.22 m)
  • Product Weight: 0.6 lbs (280 g)

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