KSCP1x – Stingray IFB Pouch (10 pack) for Comtek PR-216 & Lectro IFBR1a

Designed to provide optimum protection for Lectrosonics IFB R1a & COMTEK PR-216 series receivers while transporting and working on set or location. This silicone based protection sleeve comes with a Belt clip and a Lanyard. This is a Pack of 10 IFB Pouches.

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Detailed Description

This is a Pack of 10x KSCP1 – Stingray IFB Pouch with Lanyard for Comtek PR-216 & Lectro IFBR1a

K-Tek’s new Stingray IFB Pouch is custom designed to provide optimum protection for COMTEK PR-216 series & LECTROSONICS IFBR1a receivers while transporting and working on set or location. With a compact form factor, this black essential cover provides easy access to jacks, switches, controls and the battery compartment while it safeguards the receiver.

The IFB Pouch fortifies the receivers with 0.2-inch (5mm) rugged molded hypoallergenic silicon to cushion the electronics and the housing. The belt clip makes it easy to attach the receiver unit to pockets and belts. The included 47-inch (1.2m) lanyard can be clipped to the pouch and worn around the neck or over the shoulder, and can be used to hang the unit off a director’s chair, a sound cart, or any convenient hook.

K-Tek’s designers targeted two parts of the receiver that need special fortification: the battery compartment and the top user interface. An ample rectangular opening fully exposes the entire operating panel, allowing fingertip control of the on/off switch and the volume knob. The headphone jack still accommodates straight and 90-degree connectors. The test LED remains fully visible while the Stingray Pouch’s tall silicone lip helps protect the top panel, even when dropped.

To safeguard the battery compartment & hinge, the Pouch features a protective 0.2-inch (5mm) latex-free silicone cover that shields the battery compartment yet easily bends away to allow battery pack changes.

The KSCP1 Stingray IFB Pouch is fully compatible with:

  • Lectrosonics IFBR1a  IFB R1a receiver
  • Comtek PR-216 receiver series


A single IFB pouch is available as Part No. KSCP1


Dimensions and Weights

  • Product Weight: 4 oz (120 g)

What's In The Box?

  • 10x Stingray IFB Pouch with Belt Clip
  • 10x Lanyard

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