**Discontinued** KSTGM – K-Tek Stingray Medium Audio Mixer Recorder Bag

The Stingray Medium is was developed specifically for mid-sized mixer/recorder units:
Works with Sound Devices 788t (incl. CL-8) and the whole Zaxcom Nomad family (incl. FP8 and RX12) (see compatibility chart)
Rigid internal vertical frame for strength and stability
RF Shielded and adjustable center divider
Small, yet roomy interior for up to 6 wireless devices plus BDS, IFB TX and camera hop TX
Bottom trap door for fast access and convenience
Collapsible front pocket with Molle Straps and hard protective front
Comes with two (2) Wireless Pouches, Clear Shield, Stealth Cover and Shoulder Strap

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Detailed Description

The Stingray Medium was developed specifically for mid-sized mixer/recorder units thanks to real-world feedback from professionals in the field.
It is designed to work with the Sound Devices 788t (incl. CL-8), the whole Zaxcom Nomad family (incl. FP8 and RX12) and many similar sized mixer recorders (please see compatibility chart).
The Stingray Medium features all the same features as the larger Stingray audio mixer recorder bags.

The dual full vertical frame protects the equipment and allows the bag to better stand on its own, while giving full access to the sides and bottom of the mixer recorder to access connectors and media. Additionally, accessories like sharkfins and many other accessories can be clipped onto the frame.
The large trap door on the bottom and zippered side access panels complement the accessibility offered by the frame and further ease setup, cabling and battery swaps.
Large side pockets offer plenty of room to store NP batteries. Generous pass-throughs allow cable routing from and to the main compartment.
A separate front compartment is protected by a rigid front panel and can be expanded or closed tight; zippered pockets cover the bottom sides of the front compartment.
Various cable pass-through locations and smart storage points prove the versatility of the Stingray Large bag to various equipment choices and recording environments making it a roomy and versatile bag.
Webbing loops and Molle straps offer plenty of rigging points for additional accessories like cables using the K-Tek Cable Hangers and other future K-Tek accessories. D-Rings allow the Stingray Large Audio bag to be attached to harnesses; the adjustable top D-Rings are especially convenient for use with harnesses and balancing changing payloads.

The Stingray Medium comes with two wireless pouches, a shoulder strap, a clear shield and a stealth cover; it is a perfect companion for the optional Stingray Harness.

K-Tek’s thought out approach to the Stingray Medium Audio Mixer Bag as well as the entire Stingray audio bag and accessory line creates game changing solutions for the audio professional that make everyday tasks more convenient and result in efficient and focused products that are also really good looking.

Compatibility Chart

Device CompanyModelThe right
Up to 2 wirelessUp to 4 wirelessUp to 6 wirelessNo of NP11# of BDSSmall
IFB TXCamera Hop TX
Sound Devices442KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
Sound Devices552KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
Sound Devices788tKSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
Sound Devices788t + CL8KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-4KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-4 + FP8KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-6KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-6 + FP8KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-6 + FP8 & RX12KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-8KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-8 + FP8KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-8 + FP8 & RX12KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-10KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-10 + FP8KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-10 + FP8 & RX12KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-12KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-12 + FP8KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomNomad-12 + FP8 & RX12KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
ZaxcomDevaKSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
FostexFM-4KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
SonyDMX-P01KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
WendtX4KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
Cooper104KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
RollsMX422KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes
RollsMX410KSTGM - MediumYesYesYes3YesYesYesYes

Dimensions and Weights

  • Interior Dimension (width x depth x height): 11.8 x 5.5 x 9.1 Inch (30.0 x 14.0 x 23.0 cm)
  • Exterior Dimension (width x depth x height): 16.5 x 9.8 x 10.2 inch (42.0 x 25.0 x 26.0)
  • Product Weight: 5.12 lbs. (2.32 kg)

What's In The Box?

  • Stingray Medium Bag with Shoulder Strap
  • Clear Shield + Stealth Cover
  • Two (2) Wireless Pouches + Limited 1-Year Warranty
**Discontinued** KSTGM – K-Tek Stingray Medium Audio Mixer Recorder Bag
**Discontinued** KSTGM – K-Tek Stingray Medium Audio Mixer Recorder Bag
**Discontinued** KSTGM – K-Tek Stingray Medium Audio Mixer Recorder Bag
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3003227Watson Wu

I like this bag so much that I acquired a second one for another F6 recorder. I HIGHLY recommend this bag!!

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