About K-Tek

About K-Tek

“In 1996, my father, Manfred Klemme founded K-Tek® and introduced the first smartly designed and beautifully conceived lightweight yet durable boompoles, made in the USA.
He was honored with a Technical Academy Award as well as The President’s Award from the Cinema Audio Society for his accomplishments.
20 years later, K-Tek continues to manufacture superior products that help sound professionals working in features, documentaries, news, television and new media. We also create entry-level production tools for students and budget-conscious filmmakers alike.
Everyday, the K-Tek team at our shop in Southern California turns graphite, aluminum, steel and other materials into the products you trust. We also stand by our reputation for outstanding customer service, supporting the pro-audio community worldwide.
It is our mission to be here for our customers long after they buy a product and take it home.
K-Tek is a family business & everything we do is deeply personal. Welcome to the K-Tek family.”

Brenda Klemme


Spirit of Innovation

Since its’ founding in 1996 by Manfred N Klemme, K-Tek has been supporting the audio world with innovative tools to make the job of the sound engineer and boom operator just a bit smoother. With a passion for audio, Manfred’s first mission was to design and manufacture a line of U.S.made boompoles that were both lightweight yet super strong and so audio friendly that folks took notice. Mission accomplished. In 1999 K-Tek won a Technical Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for the Klassic Boompole. Since then, K-Tek has earned a slew of other awards and the reputation of making an array of elegantly designed and beautifully constructed,audio-centric products.

Sound Support

Manfred knew that meaningful contribution to the audio world took more than innovation. To earn the trust of his clients, K-Tek’s products were (and still are) built without compromise to stand the test of any working environment.And customer service is still paramount to the K-Tekphilosophy. That’s why we stand behind our products 100%.

“When I need to order new or replacement equipment, the company is fast and efficient. I always know they will get me whatever I need quickly, and in prime condition.”John Agalsoff, Jr., Boom Operator on “Castle”.

When Manfred left his legacy to his daughter Brenda, it was clear she too shared the spirit of innovation. In 2013 K-Tek introduced the award-winning “Nautilus”, with a uniquely elegant design that literally redefines microphone suspension mounts. And that’s not all. The Nautilus suspension mount is the heart of the soon-to-be-introduced “Zeppelin” which will likely make conventional windscreens relics of the past.

Video Support

We listen to customers’ ideas and actually come up with solutions. Our line of Video Accessories is a prime example. Starting in our small but nimble machine shop, the company carved out the Norbert line ofsmart framestomount accessories toDSLR and other small video cameras.

To facilitate the extreme sports market’s hunger for new ways to handle super compact cameras like GoPro, K-Tekused their expertise in pole design, to come up with a line of camera poles, including the compact Tadpole.

K-Tek Thanks You.

At K-Tek, we know that each K-Tek product innovation has been the result of an idea or need from those working in audio in actual production environments. Thank you for sharing your ideas. We value your input and support and promise to keep listening. We hope you enjoy K-Tek products as much as we enjoy making them.

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