Harness / Waistbelt

The Stingray Harness revolutionizes Audio Harness with a rigid ExoSpine that transfers the weight outside of the body by sending the load through the harness metal spine instead of the wearer’s shoulders and spine.

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KSHRN3 – Stingray Harness (3rd generation)

This 3rd gen revolutionary harness is now even stronger, even more comfortable, cooler & even quicker get in and out of

KSHRN3S – Stingray Harness Small (3rd generation)

This small version of the 3rd gen revolutionary harness was designed for shorter, smaller and/or thinner operators.

KSWB1 – Stingray Waist Belt

Wide and well-padded Waistbelt for Audio Bag comfort

KSRB2 – K-Tek Rain Bib for Stingray Harness

Quick deployable Rain Bib for Stingray Harness

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