Audio Mixer Bags

The Stingray line of Audio Bags is jam packed with real-world-inspired featured that make setting up and using a mixer/recorder in a bag easier, quicker and more efficient.

If you need help determining what Stingray bag to choose for your gear, please use our Stingray Bag Finder.

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KSF6 – Stingray Zoom F6 Bag

The K-Tek Stingray ZOOM F6 bag is designed for the new F6 field recorder. More than an ordinary bag, the Stingray ZOOM F6 Bag can help turn a small recorder into a portable workstation.

KSTGMIX – Stingray MixPro

A Stingray portable workstation designed for the SD MixPre-3 & MixPre-6; also fits Zoom F4 & F8

KSTGJ – K-Tek Stingray Junior Audio Mixer Recorder Bag

Ultra compact & portable audio bag for SD 633 & Zaxcom Maxx

KSTGS – K-Tek Stingray Small Audio Mixer Recorder Bag

Small, yet roomy interior for SD 633 & Zaxcom Maxx

KSTGL – K-Tek Stingray Large Audio Mixer Recorder Bag

Works with Sound Devices 664, Sound Devices 688 and many others

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3003227Watson Wu

I like this bag so much that I acquired a second one for another F6 recorder. I HIGHLY recommend this bag!!

Watson Wu, Sound Effects Producer / Sound Effects Recording Artist @

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