“Sound Within Reach” has been our slogan since creating the first K-Tek boom pole in 1996. K-Tek has always considered the boom pole to be an extension of the audio professional’s arm. To us it is essential that a good boom pole have a natural design that simply extends the reach of the microphone, quietly and lightly towards the sound or voice being recorded. All of our poles at made in California, USA.

When choosing which boom pole is right for you, there are several details to consider. Boom poles are made for various environments: while an uncabled 20’ pole may be ideal in one location, a cabled 6-section, 8’ pole may be ideal somewhere else.

The pole you choose should be determined by your specific needs and budget.


Avalon Graphite & Avalon Aluminum efficiently suit the basic boom requirements in a simpler, cost-effective design.

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The Mighty Booms

The ultimate graphite poles with removable heads for versatile cabling, 6-sections, sure-grip oval divots, hand-burnished for smoother moves & locking.

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Boompole Accessories

Boompoles want to accessories as well. Keep them looking brand-new with our secret Boomshine. Booms also love to travel with you from location to location or simply need gear storage for your next shoot. Protect your investment and do it in style with K-Tek's Boompole Bags.

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Don't take our word for it... Our Fans LOVE us!
257Robert Maxfield

The boompole’s long sections, tight locking collars, and rigid construction allow me to get on target quickly and efficiently.

Robert Maxfield, Mixer @ The Walking Dead

3003229Kevin Cerchiai

K-Tek has an excellent product line of products that I've been using on set for years. The KP20 is my go to pole. It's versatility of extending from a short pole to 20 feet and collapsing into 6 sections allows me to adapt to any situation.

Kevin Cerchiai, Motion Picture Sound Technician @ IATSE Local 695

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