To have your K-Tek product serviced, please fill out the form below, hit SUBMIT and print out the resulting document. Please attach this printed Repair Request to your K-Tek product and send it to K-Tek along with your repair product. If you have questions or need spare parts please contact us here.

Please note:

  • Each product you are sending in needs its own Repair form.
  • Please include a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing and what you want to have serviced.
  • Depending on the parts and labor required, repairs may take up 1-2 weeks.
  • If you have a deadline by which you need the product returned, please include that in the instructions. Sorry, we cannot make guarantees, however, we will try our best to make your deadline.
  • For super rush processing, please contact us by email/phone first to make special arrangements.
  • All warranty repairs must be accompanied by proof of purchase.
  • When shipping Boompoles, please read the special instructions for packing/shipping 
  • Only ship us products that require servicing (e.g. remove shockmount if the boompole needs service)

Product Repair Insert Form

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