Deutscher Relies on K-Tek for Smooth Sound Capture

March 1, 2012 in News, Press Releases

March 23 -2012 – When production sound mixer and boom operator Peter Deutscher is capturing sound for everything from documentaries to ENG projects and television to feature films, his first and only choice for a boompole is K-Tek. “I try to place the microphone as close to the action as possible to record a clean, uniform, dialogue track,” he says. “And, I need to know that my equipment will function flawlessly. That’s why it’s always K-Tek.

“One particular job I did was an episode of ESPN’s Road Trip, a weekly show during the college football season. It features different teams. The show’s hosts met with different people and departments from the school and talked about the University and it’s different programs,” he explains. “These hosts also took part in the activities and when game time came on Saturday, we walked about the tailgating, talking to fans and then documented the game as it happened. These are one-shot situations and we needed to know that we could capture everything they said. With K-Tek this is never a problem.”

Deutscher uses a variety of K-Tek tools, depending on the assignment. “For corporate, documentary/ENG work, I prefer my 9-foot internally cabled KE-110CC (Avalon),” he says. “For reality and some other ENG work, I tend to like a little extra reach and will use the Klassic Boompoles like a 12-foot internally cabled K152CC. For long form narrative work, it depends on if I’m working with a sound team or playing the one-man-band gig. Usually a 16-foot internally cabled K202CCR for one-man-band gigs and a 21-footer non-cabled K251 if I’m just the boom operator.

“Most importantly, K-Tek service is unmatched. They go way beyond what’s asked of them and they really enjoy their customer’s feedback. Being able to have that open dialogue helps shape and evolve their products to fit the constantly changing needs we have out in the field.

“After a recent shoot, I shared some feedback with K-Tek’s Dave Fisk, regarding an idea I had to enhance the poles. In this case, it was finding a way to increase rigidity on a longer pole by adding another section. They went back and incorporated some adjustments and made it better. It’s this kind of dedication that continually leads me back to K-Tek.”

K-Tek offers both the aluminum Avalon poles and the high tensile strength graphite, Klassic Boompoles. Both combine thoughtful design, top-of-the-line materials and precision engineering. All poles feature the same high-reliability collars and unique “captive collet” coupling system so that telescoping sections lock in place securely and easily. They are available in standard or factory wired models that are fitted with a high-quality coiled cord inside the poles and a sturdy male XLR receptacle conveniently mounted with a bottom exit or a side exit at the base.

In addition to capturing sound for ESPN’s “Road Trip”, Deutscher works with a variety of production companies on commercials and feature films.

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