Hess Goes All Norbert Sport for Extreme Shooting

June 29, 2011 in News, Press Releases

When extreme sports photographer Michael Hess needed support for his upcoming shoot of the Ultimate Boarder competition, his first stop was K-Tek, leading maker of boompoles, microphone and camera accessories. “I needed something that would help me both hang up high above the boarders and shoot video. What I found was even better than I expected. Norbert Sport blows away anything else that is out there!

“Norbert Sport is perfect for the smaller cameras like the Canon 5D and 7D as well as the Nikon equivalent. I put it to the test immediately, using my Canon 5D Mark II to shoot the skateboarding and snowboarding action at the Ultimate Boarder competition at Mammoth Mountain. I added a microphone and a monitor onto the frame, and instead of hanging onto the camera and getting ‘jiggle video’, the kind you get seasick watching, I was able to get extremely stable and exciting shots. I could even dip down into the bowl as the boarders hit the low point in their ride, and keep a greater balance than with any other camera stabilizing system out there.

“I’m sold. From now on, every time I do extreme shooting – or even on-camera interviews K-Tek’s Norbert Sport is going to be my go-to support.”

The multi-award winning patent pending K-Tek’s Norbert Sport is a unique camera mounting system that features height adjustable carbon fiber side handles with foam covers, a top plate made of anodized aluminum with numerous shoe mounts, as well as 1/4 x 20 and 3/8 x 16 threaded holes.  Its lightweight base frame can be used to mount everything from external viewfinders and monitors to strobes/flashes, audio/video recorders, microphones and more. The versatile Norbert system has mounting options for both tripod and handheld use, making it a rock-solid foundation for the latest generation of video-capable DSLRs and compact high-definition cameras.

For additional information about the Norbert Sport, contact: K-Tek, 1384-F Poinsettia Ave., Vista, CA  92081; Ph. 760-727-0593; Fax 760-727-0693; website: www.ktekpro.com; e-mail: info@ktekbooms.com.


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