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There’s bags for accessories and there’s accessories for bags. K-Tek features an extensive line of products that make working on set and on location easier.

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KSFA1 – Stingray Antenna Sleeve

Flat envelope-style sleeve fits sharkfin antennas from Betso, Lectrosonics, PSC, Sennheiser, Wisycom and Zaxcom among others.

KSERX2 – Stingray ERX Holder with Velcro & 1/4-20 thread

Silicone-like Mounting Holder for secure hold and added protection

KSERX3 – Stingray ERX Holder with Beltclip

Silicone-like Holder for added protection and Beltclip

KGBSET – Gizmo Bag Set (S, M & L)

Set of 3 Gizmo bags with transparent bottom (S, M & L)

KBAC1 – Boom & Accessory Clip

Swivel Belt Clip Multitasker

KGBL1 – Large Gizmo Bag

Large Gizmo bag with transparent bottom

KGBM1 – Medium Gizmo Bag

Medium Gizmo bag with transparent bottom

KGBS1 – Small Gizmo Bag

Small Gizmo bag with transparent bottom

KSTGD1 – Stingray DTS Pouch

Compact, yet large when storage is needed!

KBLT35B – Boom Pole Case – Small

Small semi-rigid boom pole case

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