Boompole Accessories

Boompoles want to accessories as well. Keep them looking brand-new with our secret Boomshine. Booms also love to travel with you from location to location or simply need gear storage for your next shoot. Protect your investment and do it in style with K-Tek’s Boompole Bags.

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KMBC1 – Mighty BoomCable

K-Tek created a new kind of XLR BoomCable which seperates itself from a generic XLR cable. It creates the best connection between the Boompole and the audio mixer/recorder.

KSQD1 – K-Tek Squid Universal Mount

A multi-purpose mounting solution to connect a transmitter, monitor or other device to a boompole, tripod or other tube shaped object.

Stingray Boom Sleeve 52″ (132 cm)

Padded bag that is ideal for carrying boompoles to location, this Stingray Boom Sleeve is designed for booms up to 52″ (134 cm) collapsed.

KBB1 – Boom Box Multifunctional Boom Stand

The Boom Box is a strong and versatile Microphone Boom Stand which doubles as an Apple Box.

KBOS – Boomshine Kit

Our secret to making all Boompoles look like new.

KBLT35B – Boompole Case – Small

Small semi-rigid boompole case

KBLT52B – Boompole Case – Large

Large semi-rigid boompole case

KBKBAG – Boompole Kit Bag

Duffel Style Boompole Kit Bag

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