KSTMCS – Stingray Microphone Case Small

Semi-rigid clamshell case for two (2) short shotgun microphones. An internal divider and elastic mesh protect the individual microphones and holds them in place. External ribs further strengthen the case and allow for a strong grip when holding.

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Detailed Description

K-Tek’s Stingray line offers a new solution to protect a pair of short shotgun microphones during transport, storage or on set. The elegant semi-rigid MicCase offers a sleek yet practical molded design to enable easy handling by sound mixers, boom operators and utilities.

A rugged thermoformed exterior offers a superior grip, thanks to molded ribs that also add additional strength to better protect the microphones. Inside, the clamshell design provides a soft orange easy-view interior with contoured center dividers to separate the two microphones from both below and above. An elastic-edged, black mesh sleeve further secures mics of various lengths. In addition to keeping the microphones secure and easy to access, the Stingray Mic Case features a label area on the back for quick identification of the case’s contents.

Sized to handle most popular shotgun mics, the Stingray Microphone Case has an interior dimension of 6.75” x 2.4” (171mm x 60mm) that accommodates microphone diameters up to 1.1” (27mm), so it even suits the longest of the short microphones like the Schoeps Mini-CMIT or the Deity S-MIC 2S. The exterior size is 7.5” x 3.5” x 1.5” (190mm x 89mm x 38mm).

Compatibility Chart

BrandModelLength (inch)Diameter (inch)Length (mm)Diameter (mm)
SchoepsCMC1 with MK412.280.795820
SchoepsCMC 64.570.7911620
SchoepsCMC 6 with MK-415.430.7913820
SennheiserMKH 505.910.9815025
SennheiserMKH 405.910.9815025
SennheiserMKH 80502.950.757519
SennheiserMKH 80402.950.757519
DeityS-Mic 2S5.830.7514819

Dimensions and Weights

  • Interior Dimension (length x width): 6.75 x 2.4 inch (171 x 60 mm )
  • Diameter up to: 1.1 inch (27mm)
  • Exterior Dimension (length x width x height): 7.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inch (190 x 89 x 38 mm)
  • Product Weight: 4 oz (113g)

What's In The Box?

  • Stingray MicCase Small (fits 2 short shotgun Microphones)

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KSTMCS – Stingray Microphone Case Small

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