As Airo by K-Tek, we are leveraging our 20+ years of experience as a manufacturer of professional Audio and Video accessories, to bring tools for video and audio acquisition to budget-sensitive students and digital content creators who require quality, affordable tools for their audio and video productions. With globally sourced components refined in house and OEM products manufactured to our specifications, Airo products are backed by K-Tek's famous after sales service.

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K-Tek has been making high quality audio accessory products for over 16 years. From boom poles, to wind protection, to microphone suspensions, our products are second to none.

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K-Tek's Stingray line of bags has taken the market by storm since their introduction in 2014. Using smart bag design, inspired by real world feedback from recording on location, these bags are "Audio Bags by Audio People for Audio People - finally!".

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K-Tek Video has been around for about 5 years, and the idea was to take our expertise in our audio products and apply it to video products. We were the first company to come out with DSLR accessories. We were the first company to come out with GoPro accessories. We are innovators and we are always ahead of the curve. All of our video accessories are of the same extreme high quality that our audio products are made with. No junk from overseas. High quality products made in the USA.

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