KSHRN3 – Stingray Harness (3rd generation)

This 3rd generation of K-Tek’s revolutionary harness redefines what a harness can do:

  • Exoskeleton: an even stronger Rigid Spine design, to transfer bag weight through the harness instead of shoulder/spine
  • Hip Fins comfortably transfer Rigid Spine load into hips/legs
  • Adjustable, color coded and removable inner waist belt
  • Color Coded 6-mounting points to effectively and comfortably secure the bag to the body and make putting the harness on & taking it off even faster and easier
  • Adjustable Butterfly design shoulder straps to fit various body types and sizes
  • New, Lightweight, more breathable material keeps you even more comfortable and cooler
  • Plenty of attachment points on front and back of the harness for accessories
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Detailed Description

Inspired by hiking and military back packs, the K-Tek Stingray Harness has redefined how a harness redistributes the weight carried by the Audio Professional. The harness’ Rigid Spine transfers the load from the wearer’s shoulders and spine through the exoskeleton, instead of their back, and down to the padded hip fins. Combined with six-mounting points the bag is held securely to the body while offering unprecedented comfort, allowing for longer duration shots while greatly reducing back fatigue. K-Tek’s customer inspired design is an ideal solution for the changing production landscape.
Now in its 3rd generation, the Stingray Harness features more padding for extra comfort, an even stronger ExoSpine design and color-coded carabiners to further speed up taking off and putting on the harness.
Thicker padding combined with a new premium breathable exterior materials makes the harness now even more comfortable and cooler to wear.
The Butterfly element (over and under shoulder straps) can be easily adjusted on the main exoskeleton portion of the harness making the harness perfect for various body types and sizes.
Smartly integrated, along with the rest of K-Tek’s Stingray products, there are plenty of D-Rings, strap mounts and Molle straps offering a multitude of attachment points.
K-Tek’s fresh approach to the Stingray harness and the entire Stingray audio bag and accessory line creates game changing solutions for the audio professional that cut back on fatigue and reduces stress, with efficient and focused products that are also really good looking.

Also available in a small version.

Dimensions and Weights

  • Product Length: 18.5" (47cm [spine length] )
  • Product Weight: 2.3 lbs. (1.0 kg)


  • Spine Length: 18.5" (47cm)
  • Weight: 2.2 lbs. (1.0 kg) [without pouch]
  • Weight: 2.6 lbs. (1.2 kg) [with pouch]

What's In The Box?

  • Rigid ExoSpine with Hip Fins and lower Straps
  • Butterfly Element with upper and over-the-shoulder Straps
  • Removable and color coded inner waist belt
  • Zippered Pouch
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Resources & Downloads



K-Tek customer Jared Elkin posted this instructional video about "how to put on your K-Tek Stingray Harness":



K-Tek dealer DVeStore produced this "K-Tek Stingray Audio Harness overview and How-To Guide":


KSHRN3 – Stingray Harness (3rd generation)
KSHRN3 – Stingray Harness (3rd generation)

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