KPRCF – The Mighty BoomPole Low Profile XLR Right Angle Connector Female

Low Profile Mighty Boompole Right Angle Connector (Female) with clockable angle orientation and cable labyrinth strain relief.

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Detailed Description

The K-Tek Mighty Low-Profile Right-Angle Connector combines all field demands for a low profile right angle connector in one unit.

Designed around a Neutrik connector (with Gold Contacts) the KPRCF features full rotation of the 90 degree tail. The tail is clockable using two set screws at 30 degree increments. The full metal design ensures maximum RF blocking resulting in undetectable RF penetration in extreme laboratory conditions.

An extensive strain relief, using a labyrinth design, ensures a strong strain relief while optimizing cable health by removing a single pinch point by using a friction-over-distance concept. The strain relief channel has an inside diameter of 0.17 inch (4.25 mm).

This design is optimized for quick and easy install and service. Easy access for fast soldering are combined with simple assembly; making this connector superior for DIY upgrades while offering serviceable in the field.

The KPCF is perfect for the new K-Tek Mighty Boompole double-shielded coiled cable.

The KPRCF includes:

  • Female XLR Head (based on Neutrik NC3FXB)
  • Indexable Right Angle Body with Cable Labyrinth Strain Relief
  • Body Cap
  • 2x Allen Screws for Body Cap
  • 2x Allen Set Screws for Indexable Rotation
  • Pre-Cut Heat Shrink Tubing
  • L-Shape Hex Key Allen Wrench (Size: 0.050″)

Dimensions and Weights

  • Product Length: 1.5 " (39 mm)
  • Product Weight: 1 oz (28g)

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